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Victory Victory!

So the Australian Institute of Architects “night of nights” has come and gone for another year, and I’m proud to say that along with a free copy of Scoop Magazine, I brought home a Commendation! Yeah!  The way I explain this award to non-archi types is that it is basically third place, equal third place if you will.  Cause for a mighty big celebration in my book. 

The night is held in the Grand Ballroom at Crown and it was a hoot.  The stellar line up on my table consisted of a gaggle of friends who (I am so grateful) insisted they come along to cheer, amongst them the builder himself and his lovely wife, Troy and Michelle King of BE Projects

It’s a great night for WA Architects to see what amazing projects their colleagues have been up to for the past year.  Personal fave’s of the night would be the Wanangkura Stadium by ARM Architecture and the amazing Price Street house by Yun Nie Chong & Patrick Kosky.